What to do with VK Coin after the cessation of mining

During the two weeks of VK Coin service operation, more than 10 million people used it, a shadow exchange market for VK Coin for rubles was formed, and the mining stage was completed. From the side, the whole project was similar to the first cryptocurrency Vkontakte, but the social network calls this service only a game.

VK Coin is not a cryptocurrency

There is not a single mention of the words “c...

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Cryptocurrency cranes for the top 5 coins by capitalization

Cryptocurrency cranes are sites that pay coins in exchange for visits, clicks, captcha captures, or other simple actions. Often taps are confused with AirDrop programs. The article discusses reliable 2018 cryptocurrency taps for the top 5 coins in terms of capitalization.

Bitcoin Faucets

There are two types of cranes:

  • with quick withdrawal to the wallet;
  • with the conclusion after the accumulation...
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