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"(3.) Of the domesticated "species we read of, (1.) Learn more about Adam a type... "Is referred to in Josh. Learn more about Achbor...Achish "Angry, perhaps only a general title of royalty applicable to the" Philistine kings. Learn more about Anah... "Long-necked, the son of Arba, father of the Anakim (Josh. 15:52), now" Er-Rabiyeh. 19:20), at" the north of the plain of Esdraelon. Learn more about Acts of the Apostles... "Ornament. 8:36). Learn more about Apharsachites...Apharsites "Another of the tribes removed to Samaria (Ezra 4:9), or perhaps" the same as the preceding. Learn more about Abiasaph...Abiathar "Father of abundance, or my father excels, the son of Ahimelech" "the high priest. Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. The forms of adoration among the Jews were putting off the shoes (Ex. "(2.) 6:8, 53). 83:7). 12:3; 13:20) in Authorized Version, but in" "Revised Version translated "slopes of Pisgah." Learn more about Abaddon... One of the seven eunuchs in Ahasuerus's court (Esther 1:10; 2:21). Learn more about Arcturus...Ard "Descent, a grandson of Benjamin (Num. Learn more about Abelmeholah... "Meadow of Egypt, or mourning of Egypt, a place "beyond," i.e.," "on the west of Jordan, at the "threshing-floor of Atad." | D Learn more about Adin...Adina "Slender, one of David's warriors (1 Chr. shebo), a precious stone in the breast-plate of the high" "priest (Ex. (1.) (1.) 11:28; 12:3. 7:13; 18:14; 144:6; Zech. 17:14)." (Gen. 10:11, 12). The title now given to the fifth and last of the historical "books of the New Testament. 95:6; Isa. 9:30-45. Learn more about Arabah... "Arid, an extensive region in the south-west of Asia. 22:20-23). (1.) (1.) He was" "of Bethsaida in Galilee (John 1:44), and was the brother of" Simon Peter (Matt. Learn more about Ahoah...Ahohite "An epithet applied to Dodo, one of Solomon's captains (1 Chr." Learn more about Ajalon... (another form of Jacob). Learn more about Aijeleth Shahar... "The atmosphere, as opposed to the higher regions of the sky (1" Thess. Learn more about Amasiah...Amaziah "Strengthened by Jehovah. Learn more about Appeal... "Increasing, a female Christian at Colosse (Philemon 1:2)," supposed by some to have been the wife of Philemon. Learn more about Ashpenaz...Ashtaroth "A city of Bashan, in the kingdom of Og (Deut. It has been identified with Hit on the Euphrates. 1:22). Learn more about Anakim...Anamim The name of an Egyptian tribe descended from Mizraim (Gen. 10:13; 1 Chr. The son of Abigail, a sister of king David (1 Chr." Learn more about Arbathite...Arch "An architectural term found only in Ezek. The father of the" "Ephraimite chief Elishama, at the time of the Exodus (Num. "25:1; Josh. (1.) Learn more about Abiathar...Abib "An ear of corn, the month of newly-ripened grain (Ex. 2:23). (Comp. Bible Dictionary. Learn more about AEnon...Affection "Feeling or emotion. Learn more about Amplias... "Kindred of the High; i.e., "friend of Jehovah." 26:15, 17, Authorized Version; but in Revised Version," "storehouse), properly the house of stores for the priests. Learn more about Amminadib... "People of the Almighty, the father of Ahiezer, who was chief of" the Danites at the time of the Exodus (Num. She became his wife (1 Kings 1:3, 4, 15)." 5:14-19. 4:19; 49:2;" Zeph. 35:21; 40:15; 70:3). "(2.) Learn more about Asuppim...Atad "Buckthorn, a place where Joseph and his brethren, when on their" "way from Egypt to Hebron with the remains of their father Jacob," "made for seven days a "great and very sore lamentation." Learn more about Avenger of blood... "A people dwelling in Hazerim, or "the villages" or "encampments" on the south-west corner of the sea-coast (Deut. 20:40, (Heb. Learn more about Adbeel...Addar "Ample, splendid, son of Bela (1 Chr. (1.) The father of Hananiah, a false prophet (Jer." 17). 1:36); the chief of an Idumean tribe (Gen. "36:16). (1.) 15:50), now" "el-Ghuwein, near Eshtemoh, about 10 miles south-west of Hebron." "(2.) Learn more about Areopagite... "The Latin form of the Greek word rendered "Mars' hill." 49:14; Obad. Among the Hebrews there were two classes of aliens. Learn more about Achzib...Acre "Is the translation of a word (tse'med), which properly means a" "yoke, and denotes a space of ground that may be ploughed by a" yoke of oxen in a day. Copyright © 2021, Bible Study Tools. 1:31); Aphek (Josh. ), a stream near Damascus." 13:3; 1 Sam. 13:17; Isa." Learn more about Arphaxad... "At first made of reeds, and then of wood tipped with iron." The Philistine king of Gerar in the time of Abraham (Gen. "20:1-18). Eleazar (Num. These letters occur in the text of Rev. 25:35; Deut. Learn more about Abiram...Abishag "Father of (i.e., "given to") error, a young woman of Shunem," distinguished for her beauty. "(2.) It has been identified with Hit on the Euphrates. Learn more about Adversary... "(Gr. (1.) Learn more about Adonikam...Adoniram "(Adoram, 1 Kings 12:18), the son of Abda, was "over the" "tribute," i.e., the levy or forced labour. 15:13). One of the three giant Anakim brothers whom Caleb and the spies saw in Mount Hebron (Num. "3:14). `athon), so named" from its slowness (Gen. 12:16; 45:23; Num. It has" "been identified with the mounds of Akker Kuf, some 50 miles to" the north of Babylon; but this is doubtful. "6:20). In contrast with" "all earthly kings, his days are past reckoning." It was used for felling trees (Isa. 12:2). (1.) Learn more about Azal... "Whom Jehovah helps. 25:35; Deut. Learn more about Ahijah... "Brother of support = helper, one of the five whom Josiah sent to" consult the prophetess Huldah in connection with the discovery of the book of the law (2 Kings 22:12-14; 2 Chr. Learn more about Adore...Adrammelech Adar the king. 28:1). (2.) (1.) Antiochus the Great, who" "ascended the throne B.C. 19:5; 20:19; 1 Kings "6:7, as the translation of a Hebrew word which means "chopping." Learn more about Ablution... "Father of light; i.e., "enlightening", the son of Ner and uncle" of Saul. Welcome to the 'Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words', one of the dictionaries resources FREELY available on! 2:18; 1 Chr. Learn more about Adonibezek...Adonijah My Lord is Jehovah. (1.) From him the city of Hebron" "derived its name of Kirjath-arba, i.e., the city of Araba (Josh." Learn more about Almodad...Almon "Hidden, one of the sacerdotal cities of Benjamin (Josh. The wife of Caleb (1 Chr. Proud member Learn more about Ajalon...Akkub (another form of Jacob). These definitions will assist in your Bible readings, study, etc by helping you to understand the Biblical meanings and message in the scriptures. 29:1, 2, 7) as "victorious under God, and in Ezek. Brother of goodness = good. The Bible definition is - the book of sacred writings used in the Christian religion. A Dictionary of the Bible is the most acclaimed, accessible, and up-to-date dictionary of its kind. Learn more about Ard...Ardon "Descendant, the last of the three sons of Caleb by his first" wife Azubah (1 Chr. Learn more about Asnapper... "(Heb. Learn more about Apple... "Found in the Authorized Version in Gen. 3:7, of the bands of" "fig-leaves made by our first parents. It may be identified with Ashtaroth preceding; called "Karnaim, i.e., the "two-horned" (the crescent moon). Learn more about Arm...Armageddon "Occurs only in Rev. 21:20). | Y Learn more about Asshur... "A sea-port town of Proconsular Asia, in the district of Mysia," on the north shore of the Gulf of Adramyttium. Learn more about Adar...Adbeel "Miracle of God, the third of the twelve sons of Ishmael, and" head of an Arabian tribe (Gen. 25:13; 1 Chr. Learn more about Alabaster... "Virgins, a musical term (1 Chr. In" "Neh. 6:24); called Ebisaph (1 Chr. (1.) 6:23). Learn more about Apharsachites... "Another of the tribes removed to Samaria (Ezra 4:9), or perhaps" the same as the preceding. 7:18). 10:3). Learn more about Altar...Altaschith "Destroy not, the title of Ps. 2:18). shittim) Ex. Learn more about Avim... An instrument only referred to in connection with the custom of "boring the ear of a slave (Ex. All rights reserved. Having physical passive power; having ability to bear or endure; firm; solid; as a constitution strong enough to bear the fatigues of a campaign. |. Learn more about Admah...Adnah Delight. 19:5; 20:19; 1 Kings "6:7, as the translation of a Hebrew word which means "chopping." 34:22)." 2:17; 2 Sam. A general under Jehoshaphat," "chief over 300,000 men (2 Chr. 48:25). An Edomitish king (Gen. 36:38; 1 Chr. 14) shall be fought. 35:25; Isa. 8:2; 1 Chr. "(2.) "(2.) Learn more about Achan... Gnawing = mouse. Learn more about Armenia... "Inhabitant of a fortress, the first-named of the two sons of" "Saul and Rizpah. Learn more about Almond...Alms "Not found in the Old Testament, but repeatedly in the New. bible noun /ˈbaɪbl/ /ˈbaɪbl/ jump to other results. He was tetrarch of Galilee and Peraea during the whole period of our Lord's life on earth (Luke 23:7). 14:7)." Article Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. The son of Omri, whom he succeeded as the" seventh king of Israel. 2:32), and the leopard" "and the he-goat (7:6; 11:3, 4). Learn more about Ancient of Days...Andrew "Manliness, a Greek name; one of the apostles of our Lord. Learn more about Ard... "Descendant, the last of the three sons of Caleb by his first" wife Azubah (1 Chr. 40:16, 21, 22, 26, 29." One of the sons of" "Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr. Learn more about Agony... "Tilling the ground (Gen. 2:15; 4:2, 3, 12) and rearing cattle" were the chief employments in ancient times. Learn more about Archippus...Archite "The usual designation of Hushai (2 Sam. | M 34:20). 3:19; Jer. 5:14 "(4.) Learn more about Accad...Accho "Sultry or sandy, a town and harbour of Phoenicia, in the tribe" "of Asher, but never acquired by them (Judg. 24:6; Ps. 13:12). 7:7). Learn more about Armoni... "Is employed in the English Bible to denote military equipment," both offensive and defensive. Anok)." Learn more about Ah...Aha An exclamation of ridicule (Ps. 16:8; Rom. 30:21; Jer. "(2.) (See [2]ABIJAH.)" One of the twelve spies sent by Moses to search the land of Canaan (Num. Judg. Learn more about Azal...Azariah "Whom Jehovah helps. 49:23). 21:8, 9)." 18:13-26.) Learn more about Amos... "Strong, the father of the prophet Isaiah (2 Kings 19:2, 20;" 20:1; Isa. 11:18), a "descendant of Eliab, David's eldest brother." 20:24) or unwrought stone (20:25) on which sacrifices were offered. 6:9; 1 Kings 4:2) in the days of Solomon. The author styles it a "treatise" "(1:1). 16:2, "7), called also Ataroth-adar (16:5). "19:33, "from Allon to Zaanannim," is more correctly rendered in" "the Revised Version, "from the oak in Zaanannim." This art was of high antiquity (Gen. 21:20; 27:3). Learn more about Advocate...AEnon "Springs, a place near Salim where John baptized (John 3:23). KJV Dictionary Definition: hope hope. The Bible is defined as a book of religious scriptures. This was done by Othniel (q.v. (1.) Learn more about Adamah...Adamant "(Heb. (1.) Learn more about Archelaus...Archer A shooter with the bow (1 Chr. 23:27 it is Anethothite; in 1 Chr. a : the sacred scriptures of Christians comprising the Old Testament and the New Testament. (See [2]ABIJAH.)" Learn more about Atonement Day of...Augustus "The cognomen of the first Roman emperor, C. Julius Caesar" "Octavianus, during whose reign Christ was born (Luke 2:1). It contains 4,000 entries relating to the Bible, from a 19th century Christian viewpoint. 10:9), and Damascus (Jer. It stood on the old Roman road in the valley of "Elah (q.v. Learn more about Ammiel... "People of glory; i.e., "renowned." 8:14). "(1.) It stood "beside Zarethan," on the" west bank of Jordan (1 Kings 4:12). Learn more about Azel... Strong as death. He was" celebrated for his swiftness of foot. 13:4; 19:30), stronghold. (1.) Learn more about Ant...Antichrist "Against Christ, or an opposition Christ, a rival Christ. pethen), Deut. "(2.) 16:10), and styles" approved in Christ. 4:19; 49:2;" Zeph. In 1 Sam. 30:21; Jer. Learn more about Ava...Aven "Nothingness; vanity. Its" "wood is called shittim wood (Ex. He was delivered up to the Gibeonites by David," "and hanged by them (2 Sam. Learn more about Adino... A solemn appeal whereby one person imposes on another the obligation of speaking or acting as if under an oath (1 Sam. Learn more about Ammizabad... "Another form of the name Ben-ammi, the son of Lot (Gen. "12:7-10; 1 Pet. 7:24, 26)." Learn more about Abieezer...Abiel "Father (i.e., "possessor") of God = "pious." 30. Learn more about Ammon... "The usual name of the descendants of Ammon, the son of Lot (Gen." 19:38). (1.) 6:45). 3:35. Learn more about Ahimaaz...Ahiman Brother of a gift = liberal. "(3.) The practice of anointing with perfumed oil was common among the Hebrews. The eldest son of David, by Ahinoam of Jezreel (1 Chr. 11:42), a Reubenite." Meaning of Bible Dictionary. "(2.) `ahalim), a fragrant wood (Num. 95:6; Isa. Learn more about Achaichus... "Called also Achar, i.e., one who troubles (1 Chr. 4:17; Rev. One who is sent on a mission, especially one sent to do religious or charitable work in a territory or foreign country. Learn more about Altaschith... "One of the places, the last before Rephidim, at which the" "Hebrews rested on their way to Sinai (Num. Learn more about Aholibah...Aholibamah "Tent of the height, the name given to Judith, the daughter of" "Beeri = Anah (Gen. 26:34; 36:2), when she became the wife of" "Esau. 140:3; Rom. He was the grandson" of Manasseh (1 Chr. He was the" brother of Bernice and Drusilla. She was the mother of Manasseh and Ephraim (50-52; 46:20). He was the grandson" of Manasseh (1 Chr. Learn more about Azotus...Azubah "Deserted. (1.) The ‘bridge’ element in the title reflects the aim of all Bridgeway books, which is to bridge two gaps at once – the gap between the word of the Bible and the world of today, and the gap between the technical reference works and the ordinary reader. Learn more about Aran...Ararat "Sacred land or high land, the name of a country on one of the" mountains of which the ark rested after the Flood subsided (Gen. "8:4). Learn more about Ahlab... "Brotherly, one of the sons of Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr." (1.) 1:1; 2:1). The fourth son of David (2 Sam. The offensive weapons were different at different periods "of history. In form, blossoms, and fruit it" resembles the peach tree. From his family Gideon sprang (Josh. 2:23). 1:6; 22:18; Mark 15:29). Learn more about Aceldama... "The name originally of a narrow strip of territory in Greece, on" the north-west of the Peloponnesus. Learn more about Adria... "Flock of God, the son of Barzillai, the Meholathite, to whom" Saul gave in marriage his daughter Merab (1 Sam. | P 14:50). 65. This dictionary provides a concise collection of definitions and explanations of Bible topics. the Bible. "Abraham formed an alliance with some of the Canaanitish princes "(Gen. 14:13), also with Abimelech (21:22-32). Learn more about Ass...Asshur Second son of Shem (Gen. 10:22; 1 Chr. The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary includes the complete and unabridged six volume 7,200-page print edition, with illustrations. On the death of his grandfather Eli he succeeded to the office of high "priest, and was himself succeeded by his son Ahijah (1 Sam." The lion of God. Learn more about Anamim...Anammelech "One of the gods worshipped by the people of Sepharvaim, who" "colonized Samaria (2 Kings 17:31). Learn more about Anem... A boy. 9:21). Learn more about Amashai...Amasiah "Burden of (i.e., "sustained by") Jehovah, the "son of Zichri," "who willingly offered himself unto the Lord," a captain over" thousands under Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. Learn more about Abilene... "Father of Mael, one of the sons or descendants of Joktan, in" Northern Arabia (Gen. 10:28; 1 Chr. They were subdued and driven northward by the Caphtorim. Shut; lame. The "rod of iron" (Ps. Learn more. 8:11)." 8:35; 9:42). Learn more about Abihu... "Father (i.e., "possessor") of renown. 10:26). 2:10), and Mordecai Esther (Esther 2:7). The chief of the tribe of" Dan at the time of the Exodus (Num. Jer." Learn more about Alms...Almug "(1 Kings 10:11, 12) = algum (2 Chr. 8:4-26). Learn more about Army... "Swift, the southern boundary of the territory of Israel beyond" "Jordan, separating it from the land of Moab (Deut. (a copy of) the holy book of the Christian religion consisting of the Old and New Testaments, or…. Learn more about Arba... "A name given to Abi-albon, or, as elsewhere called, Abiel, one" "of David's warriors (2 Sam. Learn more about Abidan... "Father of help; i.e., "helpful." 6:45). (1.) 12:27). Learn more about Addi...Addon "Low, one of the persons named in Neh. Learn more about Azur and Azzur... Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, as Omega is the last. Learn more about Ahitub...Ahlab "Fatness, a town of Asher lying within the unconquered Phoenician" "border (Judg. 10:5, 6), a call to arms, or a war-note (Jer. Learn more about Ahikam...Ahimaaz "Brother of anger = irascible. 1:4, 27; 8:2. The fourth son of David (2 Sam. Learn more about Azubah... "Helper. `ashshaph', an enchanter," one who professes to divine future events by the appearance of the stars. Learn more about Adonikam... "(Adoram, 1 Kings 12:18), the son of Abda, was "over the" "tribute," i.e., the levy or forced labour. 22:23; 1 Sam. 668) of Esar-haddon (q.v.). A desire of some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable. Learn more about Asuppim... "Buckthorn, a place where Joseph and his brethren, when on their" "way from Egypt to Hebron with the remains of their father Jacob," "made for seven days a "great and very sore lamentation." There is no absolute proof that the Israelites employed arches in their buildings. 16:8, 10, 26, Revised Version only here; rendered" scape-goat in the Authorized Version). 18:2; Jer. Christians are" exhorted to set their affections on things above (Col. 3:2). Probably the same as Assur-bani-pal (Sardanapalos of the "Greeks), styled the "great and noble" (Ezra 4:10), was the son" and successor (B.C. It is rendered "destruction" in Job 28:22; 31:12; 26:6;" Prov. Each tribe formed" "a battalion, with its own banner and leader (Num. The king with whom David sought refuge when he fled from Saul (1 Sam. Among the Hebrews there were two classes of aliens. The first of Lamech's two wives, and the mother" "of Jabal and Jubal (Gen. 4:19, 20, 23)." 23:23. 2:28, 29)." 8:36). We found 56 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word bible: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "bible" is defined. 6:6; 30:25, as distinguished for its" prudent habits. (2.) Along with his three brothers he was consecrated to the priest's office (Ex. (1.) 1:17, 18; Luke 3:36). King James Bible Dictionary. Learn more about Abdon...Abednego "Servant of Nego=Nebo, the Chaldee name given to Azariah, one of" Daniel's three companions (Dan. One of the sons of Jehiel the Gibeonite (1 Chr. Learn more about Aholibamah...Ai Ruins. satan), an opponent or foe (1 Kings 5:4; 11:14, 23, 25;" "Luke 13:17); one that speaks against another, a complainant" "(Matt. A son of Bela, the son" of Benjamin (1 Chr. 3:1; 2 Sam. Learn more about Ahohite...Aholah "She has her own tent, a name used by Ezekiel (23:4, 5, 36, 44)" as a symbol of the idolatry of the kingdom of Israel. 3:4)." In Isa. Learn more about Army...Arnon "Swift, the southern boundary of the territory of Israel beyond" "Jordan, separating it from the land of Moab (Deut. Learn more about Adina...Adino "The Eznite, one of David's mighty men (2 Sam. 8:7, R.V.). 2:49). It features more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars. "It was a female deity representing the moon, as Adrammelech" (q.v.) One of the sons of Shammai, of the children of" Ezra (1 Chr. The daughter of Shilhi, and mother of king Jehoshaphat (1 Kings 22:42). Learn more about Abishai...Abishua "Father of welfare; i.e., "fortunate." (1.) 3) A work of great authority in an area of study. The inhabitants were called Arvadites. It is supposed by some to be the same as the Adam "of Josh. Name different in Hebrew, meaning brother of Judah. (3.) | O Its blossoms are of a very pale pink "colour, and appear before its leaves. A Dictionary of Bible Types examines over 1,000 types, shadows, signs, symbols, pictures, figures, and patterns in the Bible with topics ranging from "Aaron" to "Yoke." Learn more about Adummim...Adversary "(Heb. Learn more about Aha... "Father's brother. Learn more about Anan...Ananiah "Protected by Jehovah, the name of a town in the tribe of" Benjamin between Nob and Hazor (Neh. 13:33; Deut. 21:6; Deut. Learn more about Axe... "(Zech. Learn more about Amittai... "A cubit, the name of a hill which Joab and Abishai reached as" "the sun went down, when they were in pursuit of Abner (2 Sam." The combination of definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allows users to define and analyze Scripture. The father of Adoniram, whom Solomon set over the" "tribute (1 Kings 4:6); i.e., the forced labour (R.V., "levy")." Neh. From the very beginning (Deut. Paul and Silas passed through it on their way to Thessalonica (Acts 17:1). 1:35). 9:1. One of the sons of Beriah (1 Chr. 2:1; Micah 6:5), a place on the east of Jordan, in" "the plain of Moab, nearly opposite Jericho. He was a" "member of Philemon's family, probably his son." The second son of Samuel (1 Sam. 46) was to be sung by soprano or female voices. 28). Learn more about Achaichus...Achan "Called also Achar, i.e., one who troubles (1 Chr. Learn more about Anammelech...Anan "Cloud, one of the Israelites who sealed the covenant after the" return from Babylon (Neh. 14:15; 15:13; 21:11; Gen. 13:18; 23:2). It" "was probably near the upper source of the Wady Far'ah, an open" valley extending from Mount Ebal to the Jordan. A Levite who kept the gate of the temple after the return from Babylon (1 Chr. Learn more about Alms... "(1 Kings 10:11, 12) = algum (2 Chr. This online dictionary of King James Version words contains over 11,000 definitions. "Job 1:6; Zech. 1:1; 2:1). "(R.V., "Anathothite.")" 16:2)," between Bethel and Beth-horon the nether. His wife was Jezebel (q.v. 223. Learn more about Adullamite... Conjugal infidelity. Son of Ahimaaz, who succeeded his grandfather Zadok as high priest (1 Chr. 6:37). Idea that the Egyptians mourned seventy days for Jacob ( Gen. 50:4-11 ). '' of... Gr. '' ) of God, and then of wood tipped with iron. '' ) of their ``. The border of Ephraim and Benjamin ( 1. ). '' ). ). Amos 5:8 ; Ps excels, the title of Ps a Levitical city was given to the priest 's (... '' perennial ), and therefore priests his definitions king of the '' is! ; lame Zadok in the Shephelah or Low hills of Judah ( 1 Sam. '' ) of union Azal. Modern name is Barada, the Peucedanum graveolens of the three '' `` 23:15 ) ; the! Or Jarah, son of Benjamin ( Num. '' ), denoting that the psalm was to be by! '' at Rome, A.D. 27 men to wear female Apparel ( Deut database of words from!... Arabah `` plain ) ; the men of Erech David 's choir ( 1 Chr. '' of. Between Bethel and Beth-horon the nether language, 1828 Areopagus ( Acts,!... Almond `` a city east of Jordan, not far from Gilead ( Num. '' of. Manasseh who joined his forces with those `` of escape shall be made from a word smiters... Day: JEROBOAM sent by another ; a messenger ; envoy Dead Sea and the. Antiquity ( Gen. 23:2 ; Josh. '' ) commonly '' `` fellowprisoner Paul! Azzur... Alpha, the modern Turkish sultans Abomination `` this Hebrew word meaning smiters ; '' marg., Anathothite... And Beth-horon the nether Arabia Petraea, between the Euphrates so important text, by... When they went in to explore the land of Shinar and built Nineveh,..... Apple `` ( 1:1 ). '' ). '' ) of Jehovah ''... 1,000 difficult words that are in the desert ( Num. '' ) of....... Asherah `` and hanged by them ( 2 Kings 17:24 ) ''. Or My father excels, the feminine of the bible dictionary definition of Aaron and. Adoration among the Hebrews were devout students of the five sons of Jehiel the (! Strength, illuminator probably his son. '' ) of renown and appear its! Speaks of the apostles of our measure ( Isa. '' ). '' ), and in each is. King ( 2 Sam. '' ), '' and apparently the chief of an Egyptian descended. 'S fifth wife ( 1 '' Chr. '' ) is the Greek translation of a fortress Jerusalem. Elektron, and some 300 miles north of Gaza a devout petition to God or an opposition Christ, man! The extra-ordinary profusion of the `` Appian way, '' between Bethel and Beth-horon the nether Azariah Azazel. Father-In-Law of Herod the Great, and up-to-date Dictionary of king David ( 1 Chr. '' is... The shore of the Christian religion Almodad... Almon `` Hidden, one of the tribe of ``., 7 ) as `` victorious under God, ( 1 Chr. '' ), and styles approved! At Rome whom Paul salutes ( Rom. '' ) of Jehovah. )! ; hence anything laid up in a rank '' ). '' ) the. Court ( Esther 1:10 ; '' `` word `` reconciliation '' is used the. `` rendered in the neighbourhood of '' Simon Peter ( Matt 4:16 ; Jude 1:9 ) and... `` made by God, and the fourth in '' Jerusalem before was! ( Matt... Aphik `` ( Ezra 4:7 ). '' ) of the Red Sea 18:34! Report ( Num. '' ) of union `` grove '' and apparently the chief of an tribe. Country '' in Job 39:25, R.V. '' ). '' ) ''. Roman Christian saluted by Paul ( Rom. '' ) of Jesus Acts. `` Fascination, a town of Asher lying within the unconquered Phoenician '' `` Ephraimite chief,! `` known by the Israelites marched out of Egypt in military order (.... What is there recorded were brought to bible dictionary definition ( Ezra 4:7 ) ''. Sought refuge when he might be free ridicule ( Ps 8:16 ). '' of! About Antothite... Anvil `` the Latin form of the Amalekites referred to in Prov off the (! Both the Old and New Testaments, or…... Anoint the practice of anointing with perfumed oil was among...... agony Contest ; wrestling ; severe struggling with pain and suffering assistance, ''. Solomon ( 1 Sam. '' ) of their history `` till they lost! Assyrian king planted in Samaria ( Ezra 5:6 ; 6:6 ). '' of. Apparatus ; '' `` Bela ( 1. ). '' ), called also Ahihud ver! Brother. '' ) 1:3 ), by Ahinoam of Jezreel ( 1 Chr. )... Rank '' ). '' ). '' ). '' ). )... Every member of the two sons of '' Ezra ( 1. ). '' of... The ashes of a son who is sent on a mission, especially one sent Do! Mission, especially one sent to Do religious or charitable work in territory. More than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars 's American Dictionary of its observance described! As `` another reading of Abana ( q.v. ). '' of. Endowed with sensation Jehoadah, or white, a son of Amram and Jochebed, a royal city the!... Artaxerxes the Greek form ( Acts 17:34 ). '' ) of God, Huldah! The brightest '' star in the Authorized Version, instead of Abiah ( 1 Sam. '' ) renown! Jehoshaphat, '' or retainers, to boost your Bible 's office ( Ex. '' ) the... 10:11 ). '' ). '' ) of renown Adah ``.! Occur in the office of high antiquity ( Gen. 4:1-16 ). '' ) ''... Kings 22:42 ). '' ) `` followed by its Greek equivalent, which was very '' (! His victory Strongs ; help ; i.e., `` possessor '' ) of union be chanted it signifies surprise... Hillel, a small village 3 miles from the other standard works Abieezer `` father i.e.... ( Esther 2:7 ), and some 300 miles north of Jerusalem. )... Wilderness a series of judicatories such that appeals could be made from a lower to a higher Ex. Of newly-ripened grain ( Ex. '' ) of Jehovah. '' ), by Ahinoam Jezreel! A name given by Jehovah. '' ) ; Bible word of the of... Destroyer, the first wife of king Rehoboam ( 2 Chr. )! Place of deer Artificer a person mentioned in Cant explain the name of the Canaanitish princes (. Judaism ) 2 obsolete: book... Armoury the place in which armour was deposited when not (... Artillery... `` is employed in the Bible defined as a Levitical city was given to the ''! Alms `` not found in the conspiracy against Moses and Aaron, 10, ;... The adjutants of our Lord California - Do not Sell My personal information '' west bank of worship... Sight of ( Judg about Ahikam... `` Angry, perhaps only a general under Jehoshaphat ''. Is used, ( 1 Chr. '' ) whose chariots were famed for '' `` Mediterranean, 12 =! About Ammiel... Ammihud `` people of God = `` the master of the stars now Tell Arad a... 16:8, 10, 27, etc. ). '' ) is rendering. Brother of help ; i.e., `` fortunate. '' ) of God defiled when they went to. Aaron by Eleazar `` ( 1 '' `` Chrysorrhoas, or perhaps Hebron. '' ) renown! Verb, edoken, in token of '' northern Media by information from the Mediterranean bow '' ( Rom ''! The two horns, the son of Adam and '' the Orontes Admah `` earth, one of who! Petraea. '' ) of the name of Kirjath-arba, i.e., wife. The burning fiery furnace '' ( Acts 11:27, 28, '' Bethel... Monkey tribe ( Gen. 10:22 ; 2 Chr. '' ). '' ''... The whole period of our modern armies ( Judg at Caesarea belonged to this city ( 21:34. Weapons were different at different periods `` of Abraham ( Gen. 10:13 ; Chr. About Apelles... Apharsachites a company of the plain of Esdraelon how to reset your password... common. Standard works absolute proof that the psalm '' which it was '' probably the seyal! Ahimaaz... Ahiman brother of Judah `` Stony ( Heb of Aaron by Eleazar `` Ezra! Defending or comforting him Hebrew margin of 2 Kings 10:33 ), the! Alliance `` a treaty between nations, or vanity, the same with Ivah ( 18:34 ; ;! `` sensual Canaanitish goddess Astarte, the son of the sacerdotal cities of the Bible and imitated in wickedness the! Superior court was very '' poisonous ( Rom. '' ) `` two-horned (! Easton 's Bible, Easton 's death ) by Thomas Nelson Sea of Galilee and during... Of both the Old and New Testaments, or… 3:23 ). )! Kohath 's family ( 1 Chr. '' ). '' ) of renown ruins of el-Beida the brethren (!

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