Cryptocurrency cranes for the top 5 coins by capitalization

Cryptocurrency cranes are sites that pay coins in exchange for visits, clicks, captcha captures, or other simple actions. Often taps are confused with AirDrop programs. The article discusses reliable 2018 cryptocurrency taps for the top 5 coins in terms of capitalization.

Bitcoin Faucets

There are two types of cranes:

  • with quick withdrawal to the wallet;
  • with the conclusion after the accumulation of a relatively large amount.

The first option is preferable, as it minimizes the risks of wasting time on scammers. In addition, you need to look for a bitcoin faucet with instant withdrawal to wallet. The site is suitable for these criteria. The site has been operating for five years, traffic reaches 23 million per month.

Instructions for working with

  • Register by confirming e-mail and go through two-factor authorization. There is a connection to IP, therefore it is better to register immediately on the computer on which you will work with the crane.
  • In the FREE BTC tab, click “ROLL” and unravel the captcha. The amount of Satoshi received depends on the number that appears randomly. Collection occurs at a frequency of 40-50 minutes.
  • In the MULTIPLAY section, BTC participates in bets, and in the LOTTERY tab – in the lottery. After reviewing the reviews of free bitcoin users about the lottery, we conclude that it is better not to try gambling on this site – the right way to reset the balance.
  • The EARN BTC section offers to put bitcoins on a deposit, receiving interest. The interest rate changes every day (at the time of writing, – 0.0109589%). When a user makes a deposit, it is divided into three parts – the first is used for payments to users, the second is distributed in the MULTIPLY BTC game, and the third goes to bitcoin mining (9,065 Petahash, or 0,021% of the total bitcoin network power, belongs to free bitcoin equipment).
  • The REWARDS section contains bonuses of various types: to increase the minimum payout when you press the ROLL button, bonuses from referrals, bonuses for receiving material prizes (iPhone X, Samsung S9, headphones).
  • The REFER tab is the most important on the site. Let’s figure out how to attract referrals to free bitcoin.

The layouts are as follows:

  1. 50% to the referrer from the referral income by the ROLL button.
  2. 0.40% of the best in the MULTIPLY BTC mode.
  3. 25% of the EARN BTC deposit income.

YOUR REFERRAL LINK is a link that is inserted to attract referrals to cryptocurrency-related portals or to online earnings forums. To connect referrals to cryptocurrency cranes, you must leave a link in the comments under the reviews of the same cranes, and even more profitably on the feedback pages. So it looks for my account: Do not forget about the purchase of advertising. Services such as NeoBux offer their services from $ 5.

The withdrawal is carried out automatically weekly. The minimum free bitcoin minimum is 0.00025 BTC with a commission of 0.00000200 BTC. Fribitcoin entered the rating of the best cryptocurrency cranes because of the stable long-term work. Let’s move on to the second tap – for broadcasting.

Best Ethereum Crane is a reliable tap for collecting ether, which allows you to earn 0.00001 ETH every hour. This portal does not stand out: the classic panel for solving the captcha, the referral program at 25% of the referral. The minimum Ethereum-faucet is 0.00000001 ETH and is carried out on the rotator.

What is a crane rotator

Faucethub is an automatic cryptocurrency collector with faucets with a minimum payout of 20,000 satoshis.

Cryptocurrency rotators combine the withdrawal of funds from several taps for convenience. Administrators of collectors are interested in ensuring that only reliable cranes are assembled on the site – this ensures the return of users. Another advantage of rotators is a convenient referral program that facilitates the work of advertising your account. The faucethub referral applies to all taps connected to the rotator.

To work, you must specify the wallets for all collected cryptocurrencies in the user’s personal account. When registering on the rotator, the postal address must match the registered address on the cranes. Most reviews of faucethub are positive, service pays.

Using a rotator does not make sense if the collection of crypts is carried out only on one site. In search of another reliable website for earning ether, I managed to find an interesting service Cryptomininggame, which differs from ordinary free cryptocurrency cranes.

How to earn Ethereum in the game

The site works not only with ETH but also with BTC, DASH, LTC, BCH and is executed as a quest, which has many sections:

  1. Web mining on a computer processor.
  2. 15 mission levels, in each of which receive coins or virtual hash power for mining. Missions force users to navigate sites and enter the captcha.
  3. Daily loyalty bonuses.
  4. Cryptocurrency exchanger.

An important indicator on the site is the number of crystals that allows you to run missions. Every day bonuses accumulate that burn out if you do not use them. The site supports a referral program. Cryptomininggame pays, withdrawals are made on the rotator

It is necessary to talk about the shortcomings of the project:

  • Cryptomininggame is not an instant cryptocurrency tap. The reason is the long-term fundraising for a minimum withdrawal: 50,000 satoshis, 100 DOGE, 400,000 liters.
  • The ether and bitcoin cache are available for collection only after reaching 1000 HPower – the internal value for gaming mining.

Further, the cryptocurrency cranes Ripple and EOS should have been presented, but all of them have been chipped or are unverified new sites.

How much can you earn on cryptocurrency cranes 2018

On honest taps, about 30 satoshis get in one click. In the best-case scenario, the tap will open 24 times a day, but a special bot should work to automatically collect satoshi, not a person. The calculations give out 21,600 Satoshi per month, which is equivalent to 0,00021600 BTC. The results are not impressive, but the solution to the problem of low earnings at the taps is to develop a referral program that will provide effective training for referrals.

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