When there will be nothing to count: what to do with the farm, when mining becomes meaningless

Before Bitcoin emission slows down, there is less time left. Of course, the Bitcoin community regularly shifts the planned release date of the latest coin to the market, but this point is not so far from the global perspective.

It has long been known about the possibility of accelerating the production of new blocks by first using GPU or FPGA graphics cards, and then specialized ASIC processors we...

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Stable Coins – the most stable cryptocurrencies

What is a stable cryptocurrency? To answer this question, we will simulate a simple situation, of which a great many have already happened. During the ICO, funds are raised through the purchase of cryptocurrencies, usually tokens based on Ethereum. The amount to be collected is initially calculated in dollars because the value of tokens is set by the organizers of the ICO...

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Cryptocurrency cranes for the top 5 coins by capitalization

Cryptocurrency cranes are sites that pay coins in exchange for visits, clicks, captcha captures, or other simple actions. Often taps are confused with AirDrop programs. The article discusses reliable 2018 cryptocurrency taps for the top 5 coins in terms of capitalization.

Bitcoin Faucets

There are two types of cranes:

  • with quick withdrawal to the wallet;
  • with the conclusion after the accumulation...
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